July 28, 2023
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A Web3 Revolution with MMO Shooters: Citizen Conflict x OWNED

Experiencing esports like never before with Citizen Conflict by QORPO Game Studio!

A Web3 Revolution with MMO Shooters: Citizen Conflict x OWNED

Subhead: Experiencing esports like never before with Citizen Conflict by QORPO Game Studio!

OWNED is thrilled to announce its partnership with QORPO Game Studio for the exhilarating hero shooter game, Citizen Conflict. This collaborative venture will merge the intensity of esports with the innovation of Web3, aiming to captivate our player base with a gaming experience unlike any other.

Set in the post-collapse dystopia of Ether Islands, Citizen Conflict offers an immersive storyline centred around distinct heroes across several classes, each imbued with special abilities and intriguing backgrounds. The game's cyberpunk-style graphics, combined with its adrenaline-pumping gameplay, presents an incredible platform for esports opportunities.

QORPO Game Studio caters to users seeking a deeper gaming experience where they have more control over their in-game assets and can partake in decentralised marketplaces and other player-driven features. Citizen Conflict is designed for those who enjoy competitive shooters, cyberpunk games, and strong storylines. This action-based shooter game, built with Unreal Engine 5, aims to combine individual skills with teamwork to provide high-intensity matches.

The main objective of this collaboration is to create a strong player community that bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3 users. By incorporating esports and sponsored tournaments, we aim to ensure that all players have the opportunity to compete for exciting rewards and incentives.

In the realm of Web3 gaming, the uniqueness of Citizen Conflict lies in its high-quality graphics. QORPO Game Studio has been diligently working on ecosystem products since 2020, which allows for better monetization opportunities for players. By participating in daily quests, season tournaments, and other game modes, players can gain special skin, cosmetics, abilities, or other NFT assets that can be sold on the QORPO Market for cryptocurrencies.

The Citizen Conflict team has laid out an extensive roadmap to ensure the game's ongoing development and expansion. This includes alpha tests, esports tournaments, marketing campaigns, NFT pre-sales, and much more. The goal is to expand the reach of Citizen Conflict, drive player acquisition, and foster a thriving gaming community.

As part of our partnership, we're eager to work with QORPO Game Studio on regular Citizen Conflict events. Our shared vision is to bring Web2 users into the Web3 arena through high-quality games, aiming to create a seamless transition for players across both worlds.

In tandem with the partnership, check out QORPO Game Studio’s ‘Become the Citizen’ NFT collection exclusively on Magic Eden, with a limited supply of 2500 pieces. These NFT avatars will enable players to bring the heroes of Citizen Conflict to their social media, complete with premium utilities and enticing looks.

Follow @citizenconflict on Twitter to stay updated with the latest information about this fascinating venture. As we embrace this exciting journey, the team here at can't wait to share with you the thrilling world of Citizen Conflict and the wonders of Web3 esports!