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July 14, 2023
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Gold Rushes with Gold Fever x OWNED

Meet Gold Fever, where thrill and survival collide!

Welcome to the gold rush of the web3 era! We’re pleased to welcome our partner, Gold Fever, a groundbreaking blockchain-driven survival multiplayer game. With realistic graphics and a player-owned economy, Gold Fever offers a thrilling experience where players mine and fight for $NGL tokens using #CommercialNFTs. This strategic open-world game appeals to diverse players, from strategy enthusiasts to battle royale fans and entrepreneurial traders.

Gold Fever introduces Commercial NFTs as in-game businesses that produce vital items and services for players. These NFTs create a bridge between real-life and metaverse economies, allowing players to set up shops and generate revenue within the game. From commercial buildings to valuable weapons, every NFT is part of a fully tokenized game world.

The game's utility and commercial-driven approach ensure a mature economy where players can monetize in various ways. Grind for $NGL tokens, own and rent out Commercial NFTs, or collateralize tokens for in-game rights that enhance gameplay or boost businesses. The gameplay is immersive and realistic, with survival elements such as the need for sleep and sustenance, and the potential loss of assets if not properly cared for. 

Commercial NFTs offer active and passive revenue generation, creating ongoing income opportunities through in-game services, items, and experiences. The inherent utility of these NFTs ensures consistent revenue streams, while the demand for them establishes a direct monetization channel fueled by token transactions. Experience the financial potential of commercial NFTs for long-term yield. 

Gold Fever leverages blockchain technology to empower players with complete ownership and control over their in-game assets. The game utilizes tokens, NFTs, and decentralized cloud technology to enhance the player experience. Players can buy, trade, and rent high-utility items, participate in a vibrant marketplace and earn active and passive income with commercial NFTs, which offer unique ownership and utility. 

These NFTs provide exclusive rights to virtual assets and inherent in-game utility. By owning a stable commercial NFT, you retain all the associated benefits and keep the earnings generated from trades. Experience the financial advantages of commercial NFTs while maintaining control over your assets. 

The partnership between Gold Fever and OWNED aims to bring the game to a wider audience. Gold Fever's goals include reaching 1,000 Monthly Active Users by year-end and 5,000 by 2024. The game plans to generate substantial revenue through Commercial NFT sales and foster a thriving in-game trading ecosystem.

Looking ahead, Gold Fever plans to introduce exciting updates and expansions. We love that the team envisions adding new features, expansions, and minting options to continually enhance gameplay and engage the community. With OWNED's support, Gold Fever is rushing towards becoming a trailblazer in the blockchain gaming industry.

Experience the revolution of blockchain gaming with Gold Fever and OWNED. Immerse yourself in a world of strategic challenges, player-owned economies, and endless possibilities. Join the adventure and carve your path to success in Gold Fever!

Don’t want to miss out? Stay tuned for the waitlist to keep up with Gold Fever and other awesome games like Katana Inu, Battle for Giostone, and more!