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August 11, 2023
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To Space and Beyond: OWNED x Exverse

Venture towards new planets with Exverse!

The gaming universe is on the brink of transformation, and OWNED is at the forefront, leading the charge as we join hands with Exverse, a game that's pushing boundaries and redefining the web3 gaming space. 

The rich, immersive experience of Exverse's multiple planets, incredible graphics, and player empowerment through blockchain technologies has caught the attention of gamers and industry experts alike. Whether it's teaming up to battle foes in a Quake-inspired Quest planet, striving to be the champion in the Battle Planet, or socializing and trading in the Social Planet, Exverse offers an undeniable fun experience.

Fans of fast-paced shooters, akin to Quake Arena, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress, and Fortnite, will feel right at home in Exverse. But what sets this game apart?

The creators of Exverse focus on quality, to offer an experience akin to AAA titles, boasting exceptional graphics and optimization. Every mode, be it socializing or battling, has been meticulously crafted to deliver an immersive gaming experience.

Built with blockchain technologies, in-game transactions are purely transactional, handled securely on-chain, while other methods like email logins and SSO keep the player experience smooth and straightforward.

Exverse takes player empowerment to a new level. All purchasable in-game assets are 100% owned by the players, and web3 technologies ensure full responsibility and visibility over transactions. Players gain a sense of fulfillment and ownership over everything they do, creating an experience unparalleled by traditional gaming.

The team behind Exverse is not content with success only in the web3 space. They aspire to gain a significant share of web3 gaming players, along with regular web2 gamers. "We'd love to be known as a game in the gaming space, not necessarily something that's only popular in the web3 gaming space." they stated.

Development continues to focus on game modes, overall quality, and expanding the universe. Exverse has the potential to become what Fortnite is for Web2 gamers – a meeting point, a competitive ground, and a community hub.

Our partnership with Exverse is meant to strengthen both our brands by engaging and caring for our communities. With potential synergies and myriad events in the web3 space, we look forward to fostering innovation and collaboration.

Exverse's unique approach to gameplay, community engagement, and quality sets it apart from other web3 games. We at OWNED are thrilled to partner with a game that resonates with modern gamers and leverages the best of web3 technologies.

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey with Exverse, embracing the future of gaming where quality, ownership, and community blend into a fun and satisfying experience. Stay tuned by joining the waitlist at for more updates and announcements in the coming months! We also recommend checking out other titles like Shatterpoint, Legends of Elysium, and Decimated.